Green Tea Popularity in America

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Green tea has been around for thousands of years. It is a beverage that is very popular in the United States just recently although it is native to China and India. One reason green tea is so popular is because of the associated health benefits that come with consuming green tea. It is made from dried leaves of the camellia sinensis bush. It is a less processed tea so it is more beneficial to consume.

Losing Weight


Green-Tea-Diet-Plans-for-Weight-Loss1There are many benefits green tea provides. One of the most popular benefits is improving physical performance and increasing fat burning. Green tea can help you to lose weight because it potentially can boost your metabolic rate for a short amount of time. It seems drinking this tea while eating healthy and working out, can help you lose significant weight. If you are looking to go on a diet, the first thing to do is rid all of the sugary beverages you drink, and replace them with water and green tea. You will be surprised at how good you feel when you decide to remove these beverages from your diet, and stick to some of the most important beverages you should drink on a daily basis.

Most people have a very difficult time losing weight since it involves finding the perfect plan with a solution that will increase an individual’s chances of success. This is why many young people and adults in America are using these teas; to drop the unwanted pounds that normally plague them. One of the keys to their success today is drinking green tea on a regular basis in order to speed up the individual’s metabolism. Speeding up the metabolism can help a dieter to drop a substantial amount of weight in a short time frame; some of these teas are seen as great diet supplements.

Alleviating Health Issues


shutterstock_47198914Another benefit to drinking green tea is what it can do to certain health issues, like cancer. Cancer is a disease that kills so many, so fast. The consumption of green tea may be able to alleviate some cancerous cells. You can do more research to see really how much green tea can greatly impact a person’s life. You will be surprised with what you read, because it is hard to image something that you consume can help you and your health so much.

Green tea is used for other reasons then a beverage like for cosmetic items and dietary supplements. It contains many dietary minerals that will help in your quest to a better life and losing weight.  It is also known to contain nutrients that improve many things like brain function and as mentioned above, weight loss. Since there are so many health benefits to drinking green tea, there should not be a question on what to drink, choose green tea. The health benefits are there and something that was not mentioned is it is a tasty beverage; there is nothing to lose when you try green tea!


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A Perfect Cup of Tea for Health and Relaxation

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The red raspberry leaf tea is not just any other beverage currently available in the market. It comes loaded with a wide variety of antioxidants and other nutrients that make it an extremely potent tonic.

To begin with, this kind of tea has been used as a very effective uterine tonic for centuries. What this means in plain English is that it can strengthen the uterus’s walls, which aids in uncomplicated labor. It is also packed with a high number of vitamins, minerals and other plant compounds that play a critical role in providing sound health and well-being makes this a great tea for expectant moms. This includes vitamin A, B, C iron, phosphorous, calcium, potassium and magnesium, all of which are found in an effortlessly absorbable state and can significantly assist in proper development of an unborn baby, while also offering ideal nourishment to expectant mother.

This beverage is also rich in a potent phytonutrient known as ellagic acid that protects the body against a wide range of diseases and conditions. It also has excellent anti-inflammation due to its high levels of the antioxidants, anthocyanin’s. These phytonutrients work by minimizing inflammation and also alleviating the pain that characterizes conditions such as gout and arthritis.

enjoy-a-cup-of-tea-slOn the flipside, this tea contains antioxidants such as quercitin and the earlier mentioned athocyanins, all of which protect the body’s cells from free radical formation. These phytonutrients also ensure that the body is protected from the effects of bacteria and fungi by boosting the immune system functionality, which goes a long way in reducing infections like vaginal yeast infection and irritable bowel syndrome.

Regularly drinking a delicious cup of tea has also been proven to assist in triggering the death of certain cancerous cells like those that cause tongue, lung, breast, liver and colon cancer. It also presents plenty of cardiovascular health benefits, rich in vitamin C and gallic acid that have been shown to improve the health of the heart and circulatory system. Drinking this certain type of tea can also impede the advancement of age associated medical conditions. Red raspberry leaf tea has also been known to facilitate for effectual body detoxification while also doing away with the extra hormones that affect both men and women in issues like PMS, menopause and andropause.

Damiana leaf tea was originally used by natives of Central and South America for creating fragrant incense as well as an herbal tea, and is well known for its relaxing effects. Damiana benefits include supplying the body with iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and it also has been linked to assisting weight loss. The mood enhancing effects, combined with the appetite suppressant effects of damiana may lead to improvement of conditions that causes overeating, and it is a tea often used for internal cleansing.

You may also like to try out green tea. Green tea is an extremely powerful beverage when it comes to health matters. For starters, it comes loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have amazing effects on the body. Some of those effects include heightening brain functionality, decreased susceptibility to cancer and even fast tracking weight loss. Its moderate caffeine content is especially adept in improving concentration and creativity. The various antioxidants in this phenomenon tea such flavonoids and catechins fight free radical formation in the body’s cell membranes. This helps the body in fighting the effects of free radical presence like premature aging along with combating diverse diseases and conditions.  Both types of teas have great health benefits that will help you in the long run.

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Tea Fun Facts Reveal Tea is the Perfect Drink for the Entire Family

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A hot cup of tea can help anyone relax and manage stress. Not only does tea get your day off to a flying start, the first thing most people say on returning home after a busy morning is ‘now for a cup of tea.’ The traditional way of preparing tea is to place a tea bag or loose tea leaves into your cup or teapot and to pour piping hot water over the leaves or bag, but which tea? It is mind boggling to know that there are about 1,500 different kinds of tea out there. These teas come from 6 major varieties: white, green, black, yellow, oolong and post-fermented tea leaves.

Where Does This Popular Beverage Come from

Tea was first discovered in China, but it was introduced into India by the British, in attempt to do away with the Chinese monopoly on tea. Today, there are so many different flavored teas and it is up to you to decide which one you want to try. You may fancy peach, jasmine or chamomile tea, but Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular of all flavored teas in the world. Fragrant, with a hint of citrus; people enjoy this blend of Ceylon- and Indian tea with a slice of lemon and without milk or sugar.

China Still one of the Largest Suppliers of Tea

tea01Tea plants are native to East and South Asia and today, China is still one of the largest suppliers of quality teas while India is the largest tea exporter in the world. Japan produces almost exclusively green teas, and Ceylon produces mostly black teas.

Wherever this delicious drink is produced, all classic tea, whether black, green or white is harvested from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is the difference in the processing methods which create the different types of tea. Other tea types include herbal teas, spice teas, root teas. These alternative kinds of teas don’t have tea leaves and are mostly caffeine free. Fenugreek seed tea is an increasingly popular tea that is also commonly used in several traditional dishes throughout India. If you want to buy fenugreek tea, look for a supplier that uses beach free tea bags, you will surely notice the difference in taste going the organic route.

Just some of the Many Amazing Tea Fun Facts

  • To add to the awesomeness of tea, you’ll sometimes see people pouring tea from quite a height and this is because the flavor of tea can actually be altered by pouring it from different heights. There is a lot of information available about the standard for preparing a cup of tea.
  • Tea is the most popular beverage in the world today after water. Did you know that according to tea fun facts, Ireland is one of the largest per-capita consumers of tea in the world? The average is four cups a day for the Irish and they love it with milk and sugar. Lyons and Barry’s are the two leading brands of tea in Ireland. Today there are rich flavored teas which are marvelous with a combination of milk, honey, sugar or lemon.
  • Tea arrived in England during the 17th century and afternoon tea parties became the norm for aristocratic society. Tea was also brought to North America by the Dutch in the 17th Century. Tea Gardens became popular and cities such as Boston adopted the English style of drinking tea and tea drinking in America also symbolized wealth and elite social status.

Teas also have health benefits. Studies show that there are teas which can help with heart disease, mental alertness, diabetes, and weight loss. With no obvious downside to tea, and with so many great memories being made around a cup of tea, why not make tea your regular wake-up call or nightcap?









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Green Tea vs White Tea – Everything You Need to Know

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When you first venture into the world of tea, you’ll likely notice that there are several different varieties of teas. All teas each have unique characteristics and everyone has a personal preference. Understandably, like many other tea novices, you may be wondering what exactly sets each kind apart from the other. Some of the most popular varieties of teas are green tea and white tea. All varieties of tea, including green and white teas, come from the same plant – Camellia Sinensis. What sets each tea apart from others is how they are processed.

Green tea is much more widespread and known than white tea. It is popular both in the west and in China, its country of origin, and the rest of Asia. While white tea can easily be acquired in western countries, there is often a far larger selection of green tea. Since white tea must be carefully processed, it is considerably more expensive than green tea. Green tea’s cost, familiarity, and availability also result in it being used in a wide variety of products, such as drinks, snacks, supplements, and beauty supplies.

white-tea-health-5908Green tea’s processing differs from that of white tea in that it is produced with leaves that have not withered, and have undergone minimal oxidation. This gives it a slightly stronger, more herbal taste than white tea. White tea is made from very young buds and leaves, and also undergoes minimal processing. The leaves and buds are often sun-dried before oxidation. The resulting taste is lighter and sweeter than green tea. Since white tea is processed less, it takes less time to manufacture than green tea – but more care must be taken during this process.

Tea is well known for its health benefits, but these can vary depending on how much each tea is processed. While the bulk of tea research has been focused on green tea, the small amount of studies on white tea have suggested that it has more cancer fighting properties than green tea, as well as more antioxidants. This is due to the fact that it has undergone less processing. Unlike green tea, white tea is not fermented. As a result, it has over 3 times the amount of antioxidants. The more processing tea undergoes the more caffeine it contains. While both green and white teas are minimally processed, green tea is slightly more processed and thus has slightly more caffeine. Green tea and white tea respectively contain an average of 50 and 30 milligrams of caffeine per cup. Unlike white tea, green tea also has thermogenic fat burning qualities, though this is not completely caused by the higher caffeine content. Based off research, it appears that white tea would be the healthier choice.

Both teas taste good and will, without a doubt, benefit your health. It is a matter of personal preference which tea you prefer to drink more of. One course of action you may be able to take is drink mostly green tea, and on occasion, purchase some quality white tea.

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